France’s Disappointing Tournament Exit Shows Change is a Necessity

A team’s play is usually a reflection of their coach, and
Didier Deschamps and his players showed no conviction, as the overall  results have shown.

France’s Euro 2020 is over well before anyone expected, thanks to Switzerland beating France on penalty kicks, the quarterfinals will proceed without the reigning World Cup champions in the tournament .

The French, and specifically the French under Deschamps, have had some success.

Outside winning the 2018 World Cup, they were also Euro 2016 finalists only to lose after dominating the game for the most part (in Paris) to Portugal.

They also performed well at the 2014 World Cup but were beaten by eventual champion Germany in the quarterfinals.

International soccer is unique from club soccer. There is no luxury to buy and sell players; you work with what you have.

Sucess and system is based on a cycle of talent through the years and hopefully you get lucky and come across a golden generation of talent.

Time is of the essence of getting it right with your tactics.

Wanting more from a team that is this rich in ability, as many of us did, is fair. This latest exit from this major tournament will invite criticism.

But with all the talent, this France squad had no leadership and was plagued with injuries. Playing an unconventional 3-4-1-2 and starting players out of their normal positions also did not help their chances either...

France must decide if Didier Deschamps is the right Manger to continue or if they should turn to a different one, like France Legend Zinedine Zidane.

This summer will prove vital for France’s quest for World Cup Qualifying and defending their 2018 World Cup title.

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