Did Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford Really Save Aston Villa’s Alisha Lehmann From A Mob Of Men At A Nightclub And Maybe Shoot His Shot?

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford and Aston Villa’s Alisha Lehmann shared a special moment in April at a nightclub in Manchester. It is no secret that Lehmann is one of the most popular women’s soccer players in the world, especially among men. So, it is expected that men will flock to her everywhere she goes.

It was reported that Rashford had to step in and save the day after men wouldn’t stop lusting over the soccer sensation.

Marcus Rashford playing against Aston Villa this season; Alisha Lehmann hustling back on defense against Chelsea. (Photos: Getty Images)

Marcus The ‘Gent

Lehmann and Rashford both reportedly enjoyed a night out on the town with their friends and somehow ended up at the same club in Manchester.

According to The Sun, Lehmann was crowded by a group of men at the club and Rashford intervened to save her and her friends. He invited her to a private area of the club away from the crowd. The two reportedly never met before the encounter, but he did know of Lehmann.

“Marcus cleared a table and invited her and her friends to join them,” a source said to The Sun about the incident. “It was the first time they’d met, but he knew who Alisha was. They exchanged a few words and she thanked him then they carried on partying with their separate sets of friends. She thought he was a gent.”

Well Known

Lehmann’s Instagram has over 13 million followers, which has helped her secure endorsement deals from companies like Adidas, Playstation and EA Sports. She was recently featured in a new ad to promote the FIFA ’23 soccer game on Playstation 5. Her Instagram following has surpassed one of the best women’s soccer players in the world, Alex Morgan.

In March, the vice president of a adult subscription based-site reportedly offered Lehmann a $100,000 to sign with the company and do some cam modeling. The 24-year-old is popular on social media but is still trying to build her legacy on the pitch. She will suit up for Switzerland national team in 2023 FIFA World Cup in August.

Lehmann opened up about her growing popularity in February.

“Some people just see Instagram and social media and don’t even know I actually play football,” she told talkSPORT in an interview. “I think sometimes it’s a bit hard because, obviously, I play like I train every day, like everyone else. I play every weekend and sometimes it’s hard because they [the public] make a picture of you.”

As for Rashford, he has gained over 15.5 million followers on Instagram. His stardom rose quickly playing for the popular English club Manchester United. He has scored 16 goals and five assists this season in 31 appearances in the English Premier League.

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