Fortnite Brought In Big Bucks For Gaming In 2019

Video games are big business, and for those that were sleeping on the gaming industry, 2019 was a wakeup call.

According to a recent report from SuperData, the gaming industry earned $120.1 billion last year, which was a new record and was up 4% from 2018. Fortnite was the leader for the industry for the second straight year as it generated $1.8 billion in 2019.

The highest “free-to-play” games in terms of revenue for 2019 were: Fortnite ($1.8 billion), Dungeon Fighter Online ($1.6 billion), Honour of Kings ($1.6 billion), League of Legends ($1.5 billion), and Candy Crush Saga ($1.5 billion). The top premium PC and console games were: FIFA 19 ($786 million), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ($645 million), Grand Theft Auto V ($595 million), FIFA 20 ($504 million), and Call of Duty: Black Ops III ($487 million).

If projections turn out as planned for 2020, the industry could haul in close to $125 billion.

Video Games have come a long way since Super Mario Brothers.

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