Former NFL Player Says Deion Should’ve Had Same Energy Toward Locker-Room Theft At UCLA As He Did When It Happened At Jackson State | Coach Prime Responds As Only He Can

While the Colorado Buffaloes are still licking their wounds from Saturday’s 28-16 road loss to the UCLA Bruins, fallout from the jewelry theft in the Buffs locker room is still apparent.

Following Saturday’s game, Pro Football Hall of Famer and first-year head coach Deion Sanders mentioned that his team had some possessions stolen from their locker room at the Rose Bowl.

Stolen goods reportedly included jewelry, cash and other items. How Sanders seemingly handled this incident versus a similar one while he was at Jackson State University caught the attention of a former NFL player, Doc Holliday.

Doc Holliday Comes For Coach Prime

The former St. Louis Rams running back says he believes Sanders didn’t show the same angst and disdain toward those at the University of California, Los Angeles than he did when it happened at Jackson State. 

In a tweet posted to his X social media account, Holliday had this to say to the legendary defensive back.

“Hey Deion, Coach Prime … I remember when you went off when you were coaching at Jackson State, when you said somebody stole all your stuff out of the locker room. You pretty much lambasted the university, lambasted the city … You seemed to be pretty p’d off. You seemed to be going at the school and university pretty hard…

“Now according to reports, the same thing just happened at the Rose Bowl when y’all were playing UCLA. So, I, really need that same kind of energy and that same kind of outrage that you were showing when you were at Jackson State.”

Was Deion Sanders Response To Rose Bowl Robbery Hypocritical?

Holliday is insinuating that Sanders took it easy when it comes to the recent incident, but not when his personal stuff like his wallet, cell phone and jewelry were allegedly stolen at Jackson State.

(we later come to find out the items were just “moved” for safe keeping, but no one seems to care about the actual details of each situation.

Including the fact that Jackson State was where Deion coached and gave so much to the university while he was there. It’s always more painful and disrespectful when you get got in your own backyard.

To Holiday’s point, the areas in which the incidents took place also are vastly different: with Jackson, Mississippi, being majority Black and Los Angeles having a higher makeup of white residents.

Sanders wrote back to Holliday on X with the following message…

“My brother move on with your life. I have and I’m too BLESSED to be stressed with yesterday’s inconsistencies. You’re talking about two different circumstances. God bless you because he’s sure blessing me.”

Coach Prime Wants NCAA To Make It Right

In the wake of the theft, Bruins authorities filed a police report with the Pasadena Police Department concerning the items.

On Tuesday, during his daily presser, Coach Prime took things a little further when he mentioned that his players should receive some sort of compensation or reimbursement for the items. 

“Our kids got robbed during the game last week. I think that’s a travesty. I would expect the NCAA to do something about that. 

“This is the Rose Bowl. They said the granddaddy of ‘‘em of all, right? I’m sure granddaddy had some money. Grandpa should have some money to give these kids.”

Sanders is speaking some truth, but that’s not how this works, and in the end it’s highly plausible that those players who had items taken may have to chalk it up as a loss. 

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