Former NBA Player Tyrone Hill sued for $2 million

Former NBA player, Tyrone Hill, is in hot water; well in this case, it’s hot grease.

According to the press release, the law firm Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP Attorneys today announced that its client, Greasers LLC, and its majority owner Sonya White, filed suit against former NBA basketball player, former Atlanta Hawks Assistant Coach Tyrone Hill for fraud and self-dealing. White is seeking a minimum of $2 million in damages from Hill.

In documents filed with the Superior Court of Fulton County, Ga., (Case No. 2015-CV-257505), Greasers, a commercial restaurant grease trap waste, hood cleaning and oil recycling company, and White, the principle owner, claim Hill breached his duty of loyalty to the company and White.

Court documents outline that Hill stole cash payments from Greaserscollected from customers and never submitted them to the companyand, that he steered current and potential Greasers customers to a new competitor company he formed in 2014, while still a Greasers executive with 49 percent ownership. The claim also states Hill used Greasers company truck to do work under his new company for the customers he pilfered: Hill damaged the truck and failed to return it to the Greasers facility.

Greasers litigation attorney, Leron Rogers, a partner at Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP Attorneys, stated: Greasers and Ms. White made every effort to settle this matter amicably. Now that it appears that Mr. Hill has no intention of doing the right thing, we are moving very aggressively against him.

Rogers immediate request is that the court rule on an Injunction against Hill, stopping him from conducting any grease trap and oil recycling business until the matter is resolved.

White stated: I am greatly saddened that it has come to this. I stood by Tyrone when we launched Greasers; lent him money when he didnt have any. I am baffled that he would abandon his responsibility, steal from me and go behind my back to launch a duplicate business.

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