Former NBA Player Lazar Hayward Jailed On Charges Of Presenting Fake COVID Douments In Hawaii

The hesitance of certain athletes to abide by COVID-19 vaccine mandates isn’t limited to current NBA superstars. 

According to Hawaii News Now, former NBA player Lazar Hayward was one of two people arrested in Hawaii for uploading fake COVID-19 test results into the state’s Safe Travels portal. 

Per Hawai News Now, Hayward, 34, and Raven Randle, 33, flew into Kauai from Los Angeles on Tuesday. The two travelers allegedly then uploaded false negative COVID test documents in an effort to avoid a mandatory quarantine.

Whoever they got the documents from screwed them royally, because the attempted deception failed miserably, reports say. The traveling companions were charged with unsworn falsification after the documents were flagged, per Hawaii News Now

They were also the brunt of jokes and ridicule on social media.

The two were released from custody and taken back to the airport, where they were put on a flight back to Los Angeles. How embarrassing. 

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

The lengths people go through not to get vaccinated is mindboggling at times. A simple solution to those people wanting to travel freely would be to get vaccinated. Falsifying documents and trying to mislead the government — and the consequences that go along with getting caught — just don’t seem worth the trouble. 

Per Hawaii law, fully vaccinated passengers entering the islands from the United States may bypass quarantine after proving they are vaccinated and registering with the state’s system.

Unvaccinated passengers have the option of simply showing a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of arrival. If you don’t have a negative test or proof of vaccine, a 10-day quarantine is required. 

This Ain’t A Movie, Dog

What was wrong with just taking a COVID test before getting on the plane? Now, instead of enjoing his vaccation, Hayward has an arrest on his record and probably won’t be doing any traveling out of the continental United States for a minute.  

The lack of common sense and logic exhibited by Hayward probably offers some insight as to why Hayward only played three seasons in the NBA (2010-2013) with humble career averages  of 2.9 points and 1.3 rebounds in 72 games. He’s obviously the kind of person who thinks he can outsmart everyone and cut corners. 

After getting selected with the 30th pick of the first round out of Marquette by the Washington Wizards in 2010, Hayward bounced around to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and did several stints in the G League.

Hayward is a prime candidate for Donkey of the Day on “The Breakfast Club.” Charlamagne’s engineer is probably preparing the audio as we speak.

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