Former Michigan State Wideout Prospect, Jay Harris, Is Dropping The Ball In Life

Wide receiver Jay Harris was one of Michigan State's top 2013 recruits. However, he's tired of getting jammed by cornerbacks. Harris just wants to jam. As a result, he and the university came to a mutual agreement with each other to surrender his football scholarship for him pursue his rap career.


Harris, a senior wide receiver, said he freely chose a rap career over football. A Michigan State spokesman said it was “a mutual decision.”

“I’ve always had this in the back of my head, but never had the courage to tell my parents that this is what I want to do,” Harris said.

They claim it was a mutual decision, but there have been conflicting reports that he was stripped of the scholarship by Mark Dantonio's staff. At the root, this sounds like Michigan State officials were informed about Jay DatBull's YouTube account, became one of the 50,000 views on his page and gave it a thumbs down. Either way, anyone numbskulled enough to post a video of himself smoking perp for the world to see, throwing barbs at homosexuals and spitting misogynistic lyrics wasn't a good fit for the program. Most importantly, he wasn't worth the headache. The 5-11, 162 pound receiver is the state's second-best receiver, but he's not an irreplaceable commodity, so he wouldn't have been allowed to test positive as often as Tyrann Mathieu.

My question is this; why couldn't he have done both? J. Cole's records didn't gain traction until after he got his college degree. Drake got his start at DeGrassi High (that's real school, right?), Romeo balled at USC for two seasons and Texas point guard Myck Kabongo has been dropping mixtapes and buckets for two seasons.

Hopefully, somebody talks some sense into him. I don't want to wish ill will on anyone, but he might be on that Tity Boi scenic route to success, because at this point his rhymes need some refining.


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