Former Cowboy Joseph Randle Charged in Jailhouse Assault

Even being locked up in jail can’t keep former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle out of trouble. He recently caught another charge while behind bars, charged with assaulting a fellow inmate in a Kansas jail.

He originally wound up there due to catching a case when he purposely hit people with a car after being asked to leave a housewarming party and attempted to evade law enforcement when they came to serve him with a warrant.

Now, in another episode of when keeping it real goes wrong, Randle, who has been incarcerated since June, is also being charged with beating someone up in the bing, along with threatening to kill a jail deputy and damaging a jail television 

During a court appearance on the latest charge, Randle said he defended himself when another inmate punched him in the face. His bonds now total $59,000. 

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