Former Coach Breaks Into Arena With Saw, Steals Cash

There are a lot of great stories about Tennessee, both in a completely genuine way and in a giddy, "this sh*t can only happen in Tennessee" way. This is the latter. 

A former Tennessee Vols strength coach was arrested yesterday for breaking into the basketball arena with a saw, and stealing $4,150

What the hell happened? Did he have a case of 'roid rage? Did he need to buy more drugs? Was he simply upset at being fired last year? We may never know. But what's important here, is that I now have a fourth story in a Mount Rushmore of Tennessee headlines. 

The butt-chuggers of 2012 make an obvious appearance. After a 20-year-old was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, rumors spread it was because he was butt-chugging wine. The fraternity later held a press conference to deny it.

The next entrant is less-funny for non-Georgia grads, but UT WR Da'Rick Rogers was arrested for being part of a bar fight after spurning the Bulldogs for the Vols. The picture really makes the story.

And, to top it off, Bruce Pearl talking about weapons just after four of his players were arrested on a number of charges, including weapons. 

Thanks for being you, Tennessee.

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