Former 49ers star Dana Stubblefield charged with rape

Dana Stubblefield, the former 49ers defensive tackle, has been charged with rape. 

According to The San Jose Mercury News, the 45-year old is facing five felony charges in California and is facing a “substantial prison sentence” if convicted. To add insult to the sickening incident, the woman he is accused of raping is, according to the DA’s office, “developmentally delayed.”

“This was a crime of violence against a vulnerable victim,” Deputy District Attorney Tim McInerny said in a statement via the Mercury News . “She was looking for a job and she was unconscionably assaulted.”

According to prosecutors, the victim, who had been looking online for a baby sitting job last April, was contacted by Stubblefield for an interview. They eventually met at Stubblefield’s house for 30 minutes and then she left. Stubblefield then allegedly texted her, offering to pay her for the time she spent. When she returned, he allegedly took her upstairs, raped her, gave her $80 and sent her home.

The woman then immediately reported the crime to the local Morgan Hill Police Department.

Ken Rosenfeld, Stubblefield’s attorney, called the allegations “false” and “fraudulent.” In a statement to the Mercury News, both men said Stubblefield and the woman had consensual sex, and that she asked him for a job and money afterward.

Stubblefield, who was the 1997 Defensive Player of the Year,  had his bond set at $250,000. 

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