Fore! David Duval And Nick Faldo Take Shots At Tiger

The golf world has benefitted greatly from Tiger Woods. The thicker pockets and bigger winnings are proof of that. However, whenever he stumbles, there are always a chorus of high and mighty golfers — past or present — ready to pile on. Today is no diffferent. After Woods was retroactively assessed a two-shot penalty for a bad drop on the 15th hole, Nick Waldo and David Duval came out swinging and suggested for Woods to withdraw. Duval took shots on twitter, but three-time Masters champion Faldo went in on CBS' broadcast.

Via The Independent:

"I think Tiger would gain massive brownie points if he stood up and said 'You are right, I have broken the rules, I'll see you next week'," Faldo said on the Golf Channel.

"I think he got confused. His head was spinning, he was angry. He made a mistake, simple as that.

"He is judge and jury. He gained an advantage. He said so himself."

Former player Brandel Chamblee added: "This is a flagrant, obvious violation. If Tiger has read the rule it is incumbent on him to say he is in violation and disqualify himself. Anything else is unacceptable."

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