Forbes List Proves Sports Fans Don’t Know Who To Hate

Forbes dropped their yearly “Most Disliked Athletes List” and as usual it proves the American people can just be haters.

Kurt Busch may be a bit of a schmuck, but he’s a champion. He won the Sprint Cup in 2004 and is always in the mix for another title. Some people are turned off by his aggressiveness on and off the track. I see it as passion and dedication to his craft.

Kobe’s five championships, two Finals MVP’s, two scoring titles, and sheer greatness should be enough for people to like him. But if that isn’t enough, his Twitter account should change your mind. Bryant is now one of the most socially engaging athletes around.

Mike Vick is truly a changed man. While he doesn’t have the same impressive athleticism as he did when he first hit the scene with the Falcons, he’s become a much better QB and man. His service to the community is authentic and has really touched some lives. It’s time forgive Vick and move on.

Plaxico Burress is just a guy who needs a chance. He served his time for his self-inflicted crime. I don’t understand why people are so hard on the guy. He’s been a good player and has been generally liked by teammates. Hopefully he gets another opportunity to prove himself on the field.

Terrell Owens is a first ballot Hall of Famer or at least he should be. If you look past the sit-ups in the driveway and the popcorn, you will see Owens was a legendary WR. He played in the Super Bowl with a major injury and didn’t complain. Yes, he’s loud and verbose but on the field you always knew you would his best.

Y’all need to ease up on Kris Humphries.  I know he looked like a clown at times on reality TV but he’s a cool guy and good basketball player. In fact Hump is such a cool guy that he allowed himself to be mocked in a recent Foot Locker ad. A guy who’s able to laugh at himself in that manner has to be cool.

Tiger Woods is finally starting get his game back and his recent Nike spots are hilarious. What are we really mad him for anyway? Okay, he cheated on his wife but he isn’t the first or last man to do so.  Woods is the best golfer and one of the best overall athletes of the last 30 years. Mark it down now Woods will win at least one major this year and people will be back in his corner again.

Alex Rodriquez is by far the toughest to defend of any these guys. But he does have at least one redeeming quality. A-Rod can stick to a story like no other. It’s one thing to tell a lie but he takes to epic levels and rides it until the wheels fall off. I’m not condoning dishonesty. However A-Rod fervent ability to stick to the script is at least fascinating. 

As for Lance Armstrong, well, we all hate him. The fans got that one right. 


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