Floyd Sr’s Mole Says Canelo’s Struggling To Make Weight

Floyd Mayweather Sr, is having his usual fun with the media circus that surrounds his son when he's preparing for a fight (er, event), with his rhymes, jabs, and now, rumors. 

According to the trainer, Canelo Alvarez is struggling to make weight. 

Though the young Mexican weighed in at a relatively comfortable 157.4 last week, Floyd Sr. says there's more to the story, and that getting down to 152 could be difficult.

Getting down to 152 is a different story than 154, and Mayweather Sr. said people close to Alvarez have told him there isn't anything but water left to lose.

"When your weight's already down, and you're struggling at the end, that's gonna be tight," Mayweather Sr. said.

Mayweather Sr. trained Oscar De La Hoya for six years, so he knows people in the other camp. As he explains it, he knows when they're coming over to his gym to drop dimes, they're also going back with knowledge of their own. Plus, in boxing, the truth tends to vary from person to person, place to place, and most certainly time to time, so you have to take most of it with a grain of salt, except what happens in the ring (which is, I suppose, the point). 

Canelo is also a young fighter and may be able to shrug off the difficulties of going down so low, as Brandon Rios did against John Murray (though Rios didn't manage to get all the way down). 

Either way, if the The Money Team believes the rumor to be true, it's going to make for an interesting showdown at the weigh-in. Floyd Jr. gets in the head of every opponent he faces before they enter the ring. He hasn't done much to goad Canelo thus far, but finally went at him on the final stop of the press tour. When he's weak and woozy from weight drain, Floyd will be ready to pounce again, because he believes he has an advantage, and that's all he's ever needed,