10 Possible Reasons Why Malcolm Butler Was Benched For The Super Bowl

In one of the most bizarre storylines of Super Bowl LII, the New England Patriots’ Malcolm Butler, who played roughly 97% of the team’s defensive snaps this year in the regular season and the playoffs, was benched in the biggest game of the year against a Philadelphia Eagles team that would need to put the ball in the air early and often if they had any hopes of defeating the defending Super Bowl champs.

“They gave up on me. F—. It is what it is,” Butler said after the game. “I don’t know what it was. I guess I wasn’t playing good or they didn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know. But I could have changed that game.”

As we await the truth to surface behind Bill Belichick’s shocking decision to bench him for the entirety of the Super Bowl, all we can do right now is hypothesize. 

Here are the top ten reasons why Butler could have surprisingly been benched in favor of backup Eric Rowe, potentially costing the Patriots the Super Bowl.

1. Butler showed up in the pregame locker room under the influence of some strong stuff, dancing around like T Bone.

Colors (1988) – T-Bone’s Rabbit Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

Colors: T-Bone’s Rabbit: T-Bone (Damon Wayans) is arrested, dancing half-naked with a stuffed rabbit in a shop. BUY THE MOVIE: https://www.fandangonow.com/details/movie/colors-1988/MMV1F91DABF84F6EA621D4101BBBD8980BD6?cmp=Movieclips_YT_Description Watch the best Colors scenes & clips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZbXA4lyCtqqi5Wyvi4OBkogLPLHrEby9 FILM DESCRIPTION: In this gritty police drama from director Dennis Hopper, street-wise cop Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) and hotheaded rookie Danny McGavin (Sean Penn) grapple with their new partnership on the gang-ridden streets of Los Angeles.

2. When Bill Belichick retreated to his home office after a long day at the job, he found Butler had broken into his house and was getting comfortable on his couch.

F*ck yo Couch Nigga!

Voor Fer… x

3. Belichick demanded that Butler pay him back some money he owed him. When Butler replied, “I’ll pay your monkey ass back when I feel like it,” Belichick bugged out.

Menace II Society Samuel L Jackson is the hardest

this is one of the baddest Samuel L Jackson scenes from Menace II Society


4. Butler told Belichick, “I feel sorry for your mother.”

Menace II Society – Liquor Store Robbery

menace II Society liquor store robbery 🙂

5. Butler was messing around with Belichick’s son’s girlfriend.

Denzel knocks a guy out….

From Spike Lee’s 1998 film “He Got Game”

6. Butler got locked up for a few days after having a beer with a friend he hadn’t seen in 11 years, and Belichick thought it set a bad example and showed a lack of focus during Super Bowl preparations.

Atlanta – Guy in Jail for Public Intoxication

Scene in Atlanta Season 1 Episode 2 were guy explains how he ended up in jail. All rights to FX.

7. Belichick was surprised at the complexion of his latest grandchild, and suspected Butler to be the pappy.

Funniest Scene from Life (1999) Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence Bernie Mac Pappy

Funniest Scene from Life (1999) Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence Bernie Mac Pappy I hold no rights to the movie whatsoever. I just wanted to share the funniest scene from the movie involving Bernie Mac. Jingle Leg. ENJOY!

8. It became painfully obvious during the last week that Butler did not study anything about the Eagles and was trying to con his way through Belichick’s notoriously thorough quiz sessions.

I Can See! – Trading Places (1/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

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9. At the AFC Championship party at Belichick’s crib after the Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to advance to Super Bowl LII, Butler left a towel in the swimming pool.

the jacksons american dream- towel in the swimming pool

Uploaded by navy4181 on 2011-03-30.

10. Belichick was dating Butler’s momma. Butler ain’t like it one bit, told Belichick about how he cheated with Spygate, among his other transgressions, saying, “You know why I don’t like you around my momma Bill? Because you’re foul.” And all hell broke loose.

Baby Boy Choke Scene

Clip from movie Baby Boy (2001) I do not own any rights to this movie. Copyright infringement is not intended.

Stay tuned as more develops and the true story emerges.

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