FILA Brings Back Memory Foam

Comfort is at a premium when you want to rock a new shoe. You can’t escape it. You can’t deny it, either. It is a minimum for wear, and at a premium, when the shoe is just right. Foam, air, springs, all of that has been tried, and, for that matter, so has memory foam. But now, the memory foam is back for round two.

After spending several years on the low, and on the bottom end of innovation, FILA has developed a new shoe that marries comfort and style together in the debut of their new shoe series. A dual-sex line of footwear for running and basketball categories, the FILA Memory Foam Collection is specifically focused through the company’s new model, the Flexnet Memory. Inspired by the void of memory foam in the big brand comfort performance category, the FILA Flexnet Memory places a direct emphasis on having that lux comfort when you’re trying to ball or street walking on the concrete.

Breaking it down, the Flexnet Memory utilizes a full-length internal insole for full coverage under the foot, so when you go, the foam responds on every step. It is a combination foam/rubber flex sole that is soft enough for big landings from jumps, but strong enough to survive the runs on the court. The upper has a micro-suede wrap around the sides and toes for durability and a clean, finished look. The whole design has a kind of retro vibe to it, calling back to the good ol’ days of the Hill and Stack series that was so popular from the 1990s.

The Flexnet Memory is one of those shoes that will probably fly under the radar because of its low- key design, but if you want to wear something that passes the eye test and feels good on your feet, it’s another way to stand out on the street and move quickly to the hardwood.

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