Fatherhood Initiative Goes To NBA All-Star Weekend

Chris Broussard is taking his fatherhood initiative to NBA All-Star weekend. The ESPN reporter and community leader will host a weekend of faith centered events known as “2 Nights of Love & Inspiration.”  The first event, held Thursday night, is the “Fatherhood Summit”  featuring panelists include Broussard, Charlie Ward and Dwight Howard Sr.  

Ward is a former Heisman-trophy winner and a guard for the Knicks who’s also known for practicing his faith and helping others. Ward is very excited to be down with the cause.

“I want to do anything I can to help build strong men and as the men are strengthened the families will follow,” Ward said. “We need to build strong fathers by sharing what God has placed in our lives, it’s a big passion of mine to help my fellow man.”

Howard Sr. also shared some great thoughts about why events offering a faith-based alternative are needed during All-Star weekend.

“This is a prayer being answered from the very first All-Star game I attended with my son,” Howard Sr. said. “It’s great to see some people with some spiritual background giving some positive influence to the weekend, the alternative is needed.”

Howard Sr. also told stories of how serious Broussard is about his faith and helping others.

“First of all he’s real and he practices what he preaches. Chris is legit and our spirits connected upon meeting him, and I like his anointing. He’s in a position to bless a lot of people” Howard Sr. said. “He’s one of the few in the national media I can trust, it isn’t just about a news story, he calls to see how I’m doing,” Howard Sr. continued.

I’m happy to see men working together to build up other men and society as a whole. This movement is very necessary and it's great to see so many men of stature using their status and success to help others. You can't change the world overnight but you can start with initiatives like this backed by great men like these. 


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