Fan, Player Clap Back Against WNBA Leads to League Rescinding Fines

The WNBA tried to take a stand against players, and their First Amendment Rights, by fining those that wore shirts in support of #BlackLivesMatter and #Dallas5.

Players and fans clapped back at the League for the fines.

Now the League has decided to rescind the fines and issued the following statement in regards to the issue:

Players from both the WNBA and NBA, including Carmelo Anthony, voiced frustration over the fines, pointing to the fact that the League distributed shirts in support of the victims of the Orlando massacre but were fining players for wearing shirts in support of both Black Lives Matter and police officers killed in Dallas. In response to the WNBA repealing the fines, WNBPA Director of Operations Terri Jackson issued the following statement:

We are pleased that the WNBA has made the decision to rescind the fines the league handed down to the players on the Fever, Liberty and Mercury. We look forward to engaging in constructive dialogue with the league to ensure that the players desire to express themselves will continue to be supported.

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