Falcons Disinfected Tampa Bay Bucs Locker Room To Prevent MRSA Spread

Sometime before midnight Sunday, I noticed an interesting tweet.

Now mind you, this is the time I'm usually catching up on DVR'd episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead while seeing these images of Hazmat workers strolling into the visitor’s locker room at the Georgia Dome. The CDC is also in Atlanta and thoughts of a flesh-eating zombie outbreak flashed through my mind. Fortunately, my worst fears were quelled when I read the caption and realized this was just to disinfect against a MRSA, flesh-eating virus outbreak.

As you may know, the Tampa Bay Bucs have been battling MRSA all season long. Rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks, guard Carl Nicks and kicker Lawrence Tynes have all had to undergo surgery to get rid of staph infections. (Meanwhile, the NFLPA suspects Greg Schiano of snitching on his own players.)That franchise is literally being eaten alive. No wonder Josh Freeman wanted a trade. Forget football, that's a germophobe's nightmare.

However, if we ever have a living dead outbreak, Patient Zero will be on Greg Schiano's roster. We all know how much they love those bath salts in Florida.