‘Face The Rock Or Have Him As My Tag Team Partner’ | Rob Gronkowski Has WWE Dreams And The Rock Aspirations

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Rob Gronkowski might have made his name on the field, advancing the pigskin, but the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer has Wrestlemania dreams outside the league.

The WrestleMania 36 host wants to get in the ring with WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson potentially as his tag team partner.

WWE Gronk

“It would definitely be a tag team match, no doubt about that,” said Gronk to TMZ Sports. “I just love the tag team aspect of everything, you know? It’s my first time, so I really wouldn’t want to be on my own doing a one-on-one match; I’ll be able to get help.

“And then grow into that role, maybe go on and do a one-on-one match after a couple of tag teams. You know, my tag team partner can help me out with some moves and all that good stuff.”

According to reports, the former NFL tight end initially signed an agreement with the WWE for multiple events. However, due to the pandemic, Gronk was reportedly released from that deal.

Tag Team Gronk

Still, the Gronk can’t stay away from the squared circle. Now it’s all about finding a suitable dance partner.

“Who would it be versus? I’m getting put on the spot. You know, it would be pretty cool to have The Rock come back and face The Rock or have him as my tag team partner. It would be cool to get a People’s Elbow but it would also be cool to have him on my squad.”

However, he does have limitations regarding who he will share the ring with, and they veer down the lane of classic WWE stars.

“I love the old school guys. I wouldn’t want to go versus The Big Show or The Undertaker; they’re too massive, dude. Too massive; they’re 6″11. I don’t like when I go against guys bigger than me. I like to be the biggest guy.”

Return To The Gridiron?

Gronk’s wrestling ambitions conflict with a potential resumption of his NFL career. However, it is unclear whether he will skip the final year of his contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Along with his constant quarterback partner, Tom Brady, Gronk played nine seasons with the New England Patriots before an initial retirement.

However, he returned to help Tom Brady win another Super Bowl as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a short retirement period in 2019. In the Buccaneers’ win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, Gronkowski caught two of the three touchdown passes Tom Brady threw for their 31–9 victory.

Still G.R.O.N.K

Although he missed five games last season, Gronkowski added 55 receptions for 802 yards and six touchdowns with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, Super Bowl TD’s aside, the 32-year-old’s overall performance was more impactful last season.

However, according to reports, the Gronk remains undecided on whether he will play in 2022.

“I talked to Tampa yesterday and I told them that he’s still undecided, he needs some time to figure out whether he wants to play,” Gronk’s agent Drew Rosenhaus said at a news conference for Tyreek Hill last month.

Gronk has sports on his mind now, and the world is waiting to see which one he chooses.

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