Eric Bledsoe For OJ Mayo Swap Could Attract Dwight Howard To Mavericks

Now that the Bledsoe for Bargnani proposal is dead, the Clippers have moved on in their mission to improve their roster for new coach Doc Rivers. Bledsoe looks like a starting point guard in this league. He won't get that opportunity in L.A. and teams are falling all over themselves to get their hands on him this summer.

The new trade scenario comes to us via ESPN's Marc Stein and involves Bledsoe heading to Dallas for OJ Mayo. Bledsoe could also be an innovative tool to attract Dwight Howard to the Mavericks. More importantly, he's much cheaper than Rajon Rondo because he's still on his rookie deal. It's not the Clippers point guard Howard wanted to play with, but it's something. Mayo is a free agent, but the Mavericks own his Bird Rights and because they're below the luxury tax, they can use sign-and-trade methods to make the deal. Mayo would also fill a vital role beside Paul in the Clippers lineup as a true shooting guard.

What are your thought folks? Is Mark Cuban's checkbook plus a Bledsoe – Howard – Nowitzki trio enough for Howard to spurn the Lakers and Rockets?


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