Entourage Film Gets The Green Light

    After long and patient anticipation, it has finally been confirmed that the dragged out negotiations regarding the 'Entourage' film are nearing the end. The show's creator and screenwriter, Doug Ellin, tweeted a photo with the cast along with the text
    "It's a go. Love you all."
    While rumors have run about the film for weeks, there were hiccups along the way due to several negotiations with the HBO show's main cast that needed to be resolved. In fact, it was reported that Jeremy Piven, who plays the eccentric and mouthy character Ari Gold, had to be convinced to return! Once Piven was convinced to return, stalling occurred with deal negotiations. The rest of the main cast returning for the film includes Adrian Grenier, Jesse Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, and Kevin Connolly — all of whom had deals to negotiate as well, furthering the wait.
    Although Ellin has confirmed the movie is "a go", it is being reported that not all of the negotiations are finalized. While the deals are not all closed, the studios are reportedly confident since all of the stars are "on the verge of signing on." Pending all final and closed deals, the studio hopes to start 2014 right by launching production in January.