Elevation: LeBron Honors The Mailman

Tuesday night’s NBA action gave us some awesome individual performances. No rookie has been better than the Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis, who was exceptional in New York’s thrilling 120-114 victory over Boston.

The Rookie of the Year front-runner had 26 points, but the Madison Square Garden faithful jumped out their seats when he blocked three Celtics shots in one defensive sequence.

Boston’s diminutive sensation Isaiah Thomas also lit up The World’s Most Famous Arena with 34 points and eight assists.

Tony Parker looked like the Tony Parker that was once among the league’s best point guards a few years ago in his 31-point performance in the Spurs’ 109-99 victory over the Pistons, giving San Antonio their eighth win in a row.  

And Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant once again dazzled with their respective 22-point, 11-assist and seven-rebound, and 30-point, seven-rebound performances in OKC’s 101-96 win over the Timberwolves.

But the night belonged to LeBron James, who seems to be bringing old-school back into vogue.

With his consistent threat to put up triple-doubles as someone who can operate on the perimeter and down low, he takes us back to the wonder of Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson on a nightly basis.

On Tuesday, he channeled his inner Karl Malone to deliver a vintage Mailman dunk for two his 27 points in the Cavs 110-107 overtime win against the Mavs.

He also delivered the best dunk of the night during Cleveland’s ferocious fourth quarter rally to force overtime.

Now, Karl Malone was a’ight, and I’m digging the move back to some shorter, tighter shorts, as the old guys that I play with at the YMCA can attest.

But LeBron, as much as we appreciate the Mailman, if you’re taking requests, we’d love to see you channel Jordan from time to time so we can be reminded of what it felt like in those “Come Fly With Me” days, since you want to take things back to the ’90s?

How ’bout it?

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