Elderly Suns Fan Verbally Posterizes Owner At Meeting

“He’s so tight, he squeaks when he walks.”

When you’re a real fan of your team, you really know your stuff. You know the players, the team and what they’ve done and not done.

When you are Suns’ fan Greta Rogers, that means that you care about your team so much that you fear no one, including the team’s owner.

At a city council meeting regarding public funding for renovations at Talking Stick Resort Arena, Rogers stepped up to the mic and let team owner know just how she felt about his management of the team.

In her verbal demolishing of team owner Robert Sarver, Rogers took the owner to task for being cheap, not attracting star players and running a losing organization.

“He’s so tight he squeaks when he walks.”

Damn Greta. You’re not playing around, but we understand why.

Sarver has threatened to take the team to Vegas or Seattle unless the arena receives the $230 million upgrade he’s alleged to have demanded. Fans were in an uproar over the alleged threat, threats which Suns CEO, Jason Rowley, denied.

“The reality is that we’ve made zero threats about going to any other city.”  

A vote had been scheduled on the issue earlier this week, but it was postponed. It would have put the taxpayers on the hook for $150 million, with the Suns picking up the tab for the remaining $80 million.  

So while nothing has been resolved as of yet, the good news is that Suns fans have found a new hero, and her name is Greta Rogers. 

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