Eddie Lacy Just Got Paid For Losing Weight

The jokes around Eddie Lacy’s weight fluctuations have been around for some time now, but this season Lacy seems to be dialed in. Maybe it’s because he’s making money by shedding pounds. 

The former Green Bay Packer signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks which included incentives for dropping weight.

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Eddie Lacy’s weight incentives breakdown ($55k for each month achieved) May: 255 lbs June & August: 250 lbs September-December: 245 lbs

His contract enables him to earn $385,000 in bonus money by coming in at the specified weights during the seven mandatory weigh ins. In May he had to come in under 255; he hit the scale at 253 pounds, earning $55,000. Today he had to come in under 250 pounds, which it was confirmed he did, so he’s now at $110,000 in bonus money with a few more weigh ins to go. 

“I have a great support group behind me from coaches to players to the nutrition team,” Lacy told ESPN.com. “So everybody’s positive, which helps me because I know I have a group of people behind me pushing me, so it’s all working out, it’s all going great. I’ve just got to continue to go that way.”

Between September and December, Lacy can earn $55,000 from each weigh in provided he comes in under 245 pounds. But more importantly, let’s hope he continues to get into shape and remain healthy. We’ve seen how being overweight can cause serious health issues and worse.

So let’s hope Lacy keeps losing so he can win.

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