Earl Campbell Is Pullin’ A Jim Brown On Mack Brown

Mack Brown, meet the Mack truck. His name is Earl Campbell. Back in his youth, he’d use his body to bowl over would-be tacklers.

Nowadays he’s using his influence as a Texas alumni to stiff arm Brown out of a job. Brown’s been through as tough of a season as Lane Kiffin, but because he’s actually climbed to the top of the BCS mountain, the fan base has been more amicable towards him. Campbell didn’t mince word though speaking to KRIV-TV in Houston on Sunday.


"Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen," Campbell said, according to the Fox affiliate. "I'd go on record and say yes, I think it's time."

Brown has long been a supporter of Campbell, who remains involved in the Texas program, still works out in its athletic facilities and meets with prospects during recruiting events.

"Earl has done so much for Texas," Brown said Monday. "He will always be welcomed at our school. I'm disappointed in his comments, but he's entitled to his opinion."

Earl Campbell runs over DB Sid Greehey of SMU 1977.jpgPeep what he did to SMU's Sid Greehey in that image to the left? Now imagine that Greehey is Mack Brown.

Campbell joins a chorus of Longhorns including one of Brown’s former quarterbacks Chris Simms, who don’t believe Brown can survive past this season. However, none have been as direct as Campbell who holds the same type of sway within the program as Jim Brown does in Cleveland or Tommie Frazier at Nebraska. Both have played a pivotal role in the firing of coaches and players.

When you start losing the alumni, the game is already over.