Eagles Reload With Chip Kelly

For any sensible Eagles' fan to respond in any extraordinary way to the hiring of University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly would be a lie. More than anything, I think the general response is more in line with “finally.”

Considering that former coach Andy Reid was a de facto dead man walking for the latter half of the season, it shouldn’t have taken this long to fill the coaching vacancy. While other teams were making hires left and right, Philadelphia seemed to fall behind. They should have been making moves back in November, to ensure they weren’t left out of the party. And they nearly were, after being rejected by Chip Kelly, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly and Penn State coach Bill O’Brien. In the end owner Jeff Lurie got the guy he wanted, his best-case scenario option and someone who brings a rep as an offensive innovator to the team.

Some people are speculating that the reason why Kelly decided to take the Eagles coaching offer, after rejecting it initially, surrounds coming sanctions to Oregon. I can’ t think of any fan who cares about that on any level. The initial consideration is how to heal the offense and who Kelly will bring on to handle he defense. Not to mention, what’s gonna happen at the quarterback position should Vick be jettisoned.

More than anything, fans will undoubtedly find excitement in hearing a new voice at press conferences and starting a new chapter with the ever-longing goal of Super Bowl glory. He’ll likely get that first year, a honeymoon so to speak, to figure things out as a first-time NFL coach. Though, you can never be sure with Eagle fans. They (err, we) remain arguably the most impatient, ignorant and unappreciative fans in sports and there might be a contingency that demands success from day one. To that I say, Chip Kelly, you’re not in Oregon anymore. So be prepared and welcome to the jungle.

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