Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins Won’t Raise A Fist During Anthem This Weekend

The Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins has been one of the visual leaders of the movement involving NFL players against social injustice. He has raised his fist during the anthem in support of players like Colin Kaepernick, who have used the time to protest against social injustice affecting communities of color.

Today Jenkins revealed that he won’t be raising his fist this weekend.

“I don’t anticipate demonstrating this week simply because I felt like, when I started demonstrating, my whole motivation was to draw awareness to disenfranchised people, communities of color, injustices around the country, our criminal justice system. And obviously, through this year and talking with the league and what they’ve kind of proposed I feel like has presented a bigger and better platform to continue to raise that awareness and continue to fluctuate positive change.”

Below is his entire statement per Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Zach Berman on Twitter

Here’s Malcolm Jenkins explaining why he will not demonstrate during the national anthem on Sunday:

Jenkins made it clear that his decision had nothing to do with the League’s monetary pledge of $89 million, stating “I personally wouldnt just accept a check a move on. What I wanted to make sure happened is we replace the platform that weve been using.”

As an unofficial leader of the Players Coalition, a group of players striving for social justice and change through the support of the NFL, Jenkins has been a voice and figure visually fighting for change every week. With his latest decision, it will be interesting to see which other players follow his lead.

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