Eagles Made The Giants Eat Hella Crow 

Giants-Eagles games have almost become a curse for Big Blue in recent years. If there is any hope in a season for Big Blue, a meeting with the Eagles usually puts a damper on any positive outlook that preceded the game.

This time it wasn’t a dumb penalty to put the Eagles into field goal range late in the game or a three-touchdown deficit comeback capped by an unfathomable punt return to the house.

Sunday night’s game was an old-fashioned NFL East shellacking and the Giants were on the receiving end of that 27-0 pasting .

To put the Giants non-existent offense into perspective, the G-Men were outscored by each National League baseball squad playing in the National League Championship Series last night.

Philly was hungry for some Manning meat and they took a pound of the two-time Super Bowl-winning QB’s flesh with an eight-sack barrage.

Adding insult to injury, with the Giants already trailing 20-0, star wide receiver Victor “Salsa Man” Cruz went down with a season-ending torn patellar tendon. Ouch!

I wish that was the worst of it Giants fans. There’s a lot of crow-eating going on in the Tri-State as well thanks to some major trash talking by Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul a few days before the game. (As if an NFC battle ever needed the extra bulletin board material)

Pierre-Paul got funky with the lips and said the Eagles aren’t as good as their 4-1 record suggests. As the Eagles prepared for their meeting with the hated Giants, JPP said he wasn’t impressed with what he’s seen when he watches the Eagles, who advance to 5-1 with the win and share first place with a smoking gun hot Dallas Cowboys team.

“At the end of the day, yeah, they’re 4-1,” Pierre-Paul said, via the New York Daily News. “ But they could have easily been 0-4 .”

“The games were that close,” he said. “You know it too! I watch TV. You watch TV. I feel like we shouldn’t go out there and make it a close game.”

You can’t knock the Giants most valuable defensive player’s confidence and honesty. I t sounded good at the time.

“I don’t like Philly,” Pierre-Paul said. “I don’t care at all about Philly. I don’t like Philly; you know what I’m saying?”

Chip Kelly’s Eagles knew exactly what he was saying and went out there with bad intentions, knocking the Giants (3-3) back to .500. And just as fast as you can say Shady McCoy, the G-men are a long way from where they thought they were headed after three consecutive wins over the Texans, Redskins and Falcons.

The road won’t get any easier for NY as they embark on a murderous five-game stretch that pops off against Dallas on Oct. 19 and ends with Dallas again on Nov.23. In between, they have to battle the Colts, Seattle and San Fran. If Tom Coughlin and Eli aren’t careful, the Giants could be cooked Turkeys by Thanksgiving.

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