Dwyane Wade Becomes ‘Personal Trainer For Basketball And Fitness’ With New Mobile App

On the same day he celebrated his third championship with the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade released a $4 fitness app called "Dwyane Wade Driven" which became available for download on Monday. 

Wade has become so much more than a basketball player, which makes it ironic that he's releasing a mobile app on fitness rather than peculiar fashion or something along those lines. The '06 Finals MVP told the Associated Press that a lot of people don't have access to gyms and personal trainers, and that he's taking the role of "personal trainer for basketball and fitness."

That sounds good. But what he's really doing is maximizing the brand that having LeBron by his side to solidify his legend has provided him. We're not making that up. A blind person could see it, and D. Wade said it himself. 

From the AP

It's the latest business move for Wade, who is estimated to be making nearly as much off the court this year as the approximate $17 million salary he earned on the floor with the Heat. He leaves on July 1 for China, where Li-Ning — the shoe company he has partnered with — is headquartered, and has several other business meetings there.

"When I was the leading scorer in the league, the top man on the Miami Heat, I had a lot of endorsements and things going," Wade said. "I have more now than I even did then. My brand is as busy as it can be, and I'm just trying to make it better. All I'm doing right now is I'm planning for the future. I don't know how much longer I want to play or can play the game, so I'm thinking about the future."

We haven't even touched the surface on 'Bron's impact on the league, his teammates, his homies. This isn't a topic without The Decision. 



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