Dwyane Wade And LeBron James To Be Reunited In Cleveland

After Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls reached a buy out agreement, one which cost Wade somewhere in the range of $8 – $10 million, everyone expected his next destination to be 300 miles to the east where LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and Derek Rose waited patiently for the three-time NBA champion to announce his decision. Today that decision, one which everyone knew was inevitable, became a reality.

 Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Wade is expected to sign a one-year, $2.3 million veteran’s minimum deal with the Cavs once he clears waivers on Wednesday.

Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

Dwyane Wade plans to sign with Cleveland once he clears waivers on Wednesday, league sources tell ESPN.

Wade’s signing would add yet another face to the Cavs, which seems to be gearing up for a potential one year run at another title, one which is overshadowed by rumors of LeBron’s move to the Lakers after this season.  But in the meantime, the move seems to be a good one for the team, one which appears to be embraced by the Cavs organization.

“Anytime you get new pieces and new players it’s always challenging, but I’m up for the challenge and so are the players. We will figure it out. It will be a good year for us,” said coach Tyron Lue.

Forward Tristan Thompson feels that Wade will fit in just fine with the team.

“He’s pretty familiar with most of the guys on our team, whether playing against or playing with. I think he’s going to jell pretty well. He’s a veteran, he’s always been a good locker room guy. We’ve never heard anything bad,” said Thompson.

“It would be great for our team to have another championship-mentality player on our team. It’s just more pieces to the puzzle.”

And with Golden State holding the trophy, OKC ramping up with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul and James Harden forming the backcourt in Houston, they have quite a puzzle to solve.

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