Dwight Howard Might Need Another Drink

Dwight Howard is a 26 year-old in 2012 who has taken one shot of vodka. Ever.

It came this summer when D12 found out he was heading to LA. It was Ciroc.

Two things: First, that is quite possibly the ultimate one-shot-ever experience. Well done.

Second: does this explain why Dwight Howard is the NBA’s best beta male? If he hasn’t tasted the sweet elixir of liquid confidence, how can he really take over a game? That’s how Jason Kidd does it, right?

Joking aside, good for Dwight Howard. Too many athletes and celebrities are getting caught up in rachetness, or drunk dialing. And, if abstaining works out anything like it has for Bernard Hopkins, Howard will extend his career, too.

Given the spirit of the week, let's give Kendrick the final word:

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