Drake Gives Kendrick Lamar Back-Handed Compliment

    Over the summer Los Angeles-based rapper Kendrick Lamar completely eviscerated a group of MCs that included contemporary Drake in on the remix of “Control” off rapper Big Sean’s mixed tape. You would think Drake wouldn’t have anything nice to say about him because of that. However, the Canadian rapper had this to say about Lamar during a recent interview with Vibe.

    It would be tough for me to go in conceptual storytelling. The last great concept album was [Kendrick Lamar’s] good kid m.A.A.d city—still obviously true to his life but very conceptual. Very specific stories that need to be told. I always say hats off to that album, that album’s incredible, what an undertaking. For me, I would never want to be restricted to that. But it depends on what you’d call a concept album. Would you call [Jay Z’s] American Gangster a concept album? If it is, then yeah, I guess. All he did was just make crack songs. I feel like I just made a concept album about a kid from Toronto that’s on. I’m not good at telling fictional stories, so I would never be able to do that. There are rappers that are good at telling stories about people that aren’t themselves. There are people that have vast imaginations to go and make up a story just to achieve a point. I draw off life experiences.

    Ok…well…it was kind of a compliment upon further review. But he basically said he was “real-er” than Lamar in a sneaky sort of way. Kind of like passive aggressive beef.