Down To Her Last Straw, Roseanne Blames Sykes For Show Cancellation

Roseanne Barrs bigoted twitter sideshow came to an abrupt end when ABC canceled her wildly successful Roseanne reboot for comparing respected Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. She wrote Jarrett equals Muslim brotherhood & planets of the apes had a baby.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Roseanne’s racism has finally caught up to her. Her show has been canceled.

It wasnt the first time Roseanne has called a black Queen an ape. She went too far this time and now shes trying to blame comedian Wanda Sykes who immediately quit the show following Barr’s offensive Tweet. 

Roseanne Barr on Twitter

@DouglasAlmon @PixelDust7 @jonorose her tweet made ABC very nervous and they cancelled the show.

Roseanne already got served by Whoopi Goldberg who tore her a new one after Barr tweeted fake pics of Whoopi in a Donald Trump shirt. 

‘Roseanne’ Cancelled After Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweet | The View

Uploaded by The View on 2018-05-30.

Roseanne got ripped by her former cast members, most of whom denounced her racist tweets. Now, shes backpedaling like a mug. She’s apologized, blamed her racist Tweets on a joke, then on Ambien, on societys double standards (something Black know all too well) and she also tried to convince everyone that she didnt even know Jarrett was Black.

(Envision self-destructing racist posing as a comedian throwing dog feces on the wall)

Barrs white privilege fell miserably short in this case. 

Wanda Sykes on Twitter

I will not be returning to @RoseanneOnABC.

Blaming Wanda Sykes for not being a house negro wont save the show. Roseanne has a history of being racist that has nothing to do with comedy. The people tweeting in defense of Roseanne are just as sick and bigoted and are most likely the same folks supporting the NFLs new anthem policy. Making jokes on the backs of Black people and feeling that its OK cant be tolerated anymore. 

Sykes, who was a consulting producer on the series, was one of the first people from the show to tweet about the scandal. She didnt write a long tweet, or blast Roseanne or try to create a huge racial issue. Roseannes words really did all the talking. Sykes said very little. 

Theres a time and place for everything and Roseanne picked the worst possible time to try and get a pass on her bigotry. She totally forgot that this isnt 1980s when the only people of color you find in the executive and directorial offices were cleaning up the joint or fetching coffee. 

Channing Dungey is the president of ABC Entertainment Group she is also their first Black president. Dungey wrote in a statement that Barrs comments were abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel the show.

After the backlash that came with the canceling of a Black-ish episode on Colin Kaepernick back in March, ABC couldn’t stand by and do nothing. This should be a lesson to all racists. Society is diversifying. People in positions of power are diversifying and your once uncontested bigotry wont be tolerated anymore. 

Kudos to ABC and Wanda Sykes who is the latest African-American to feel the wrath of Roseanne and remind her that we shoot back now too #getthestrap.  

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