Does Skip Bayless Think Before He Talks?

This wont be the first time legendary mouthpiece Skip Bayless, who signed an MLB lefty relief pitcher-type of contract with FOX Sports, will have to eat his words. The thing, is you know that it will taste like filet mignon going down.

According to, late last week, the long-time Dallas Cowboys fan and noted New York Giants hater executed one of his toilet tissue on the ceiling bits by saying that wide receiver Dez Bryant was a better talent than Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr. He also called Beckham small and soft.

I got Dez on Sunday, and Ill take him to the bank on Sunday, Bayless said last week. I want big and bad; I dont want small and soft. Big and bad can be unstoppable and unguardable.

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While that prediction turned out to be absurd, as Giants new cornerback Janoris Jenkins held the “unguardable” Bryant (Skip must of thought he as talking about Kobe Bryant) to one catch for 8 yards — comically inept numbers. Beckham Jr. led all receivers in the game with 73 yards receiving and a long of 45-yards as part of a well-balanced Giants offense. 

Bayless FOX Sports 1 co-host, Shannon Sharpe, on the other hand was obviously talking from the perspective of a Hall of Famer who knows the game.

Janoris Jenkins is gonna have Dez Bryant locked up, Sharpe snapped back. Giants got this one.

Jenkins played all 78 of the teams defensive snaps in the Giants 21-20 win and was primarily lined up across from Dez. Jenkins, who signed a six-year, $62.5 million free agent deal with the Giants this offseason, didnt talk any smack after the game.

We played team defense, from the front to the back end. Everybody communicated and we played within the scheme, Jenkins said. At the end of the day, guys have games like that. Some have good, some have bad. At the end of the day, we just came out and made the best of it.

Being able to stave off a Dallas comeback in the late minutes was huge for a Giants defense that couldnt hold a lead in the last two minutes of the game at all in 2015. Jenkins is already impacting the Big Blue culture and gave Bayless a lesson in pro competition on any given Sunday.  

Welcome to NY Janoris.

When Bayless was hired at FS1, Troy Aikman lost his marbles saying: “I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals, none of which applies to Skip Bayless.”

The two men have a past as Bayless covered the Cowboys for 17 years and throughout Aikmans three Super Bowl runs. Bayless wrote a book back in the day where he made unsubstantiated claims that Aikman was gay, and that has never sat well with Troy. He severely questioned Bayless credibility as a journalist from that day forward.

It wont be his last crazy comment, as Bayless has a formula and it includes going off the deep edge. This recipe of shocking statements, degrading remarks, wild predictions and going at it with his black co-host has made him a ratings master.

What will he say next?

Anything he wants.

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