Does Michael Beasley Still Not Have His Medical Weed Card?

At this point, everyone who knows Michael Beasley, knows the former No. 2 overall draft pick likes to smoke weed. It was the trademark of the 2008 rookie symposium, when he and Mario Chalmers supposedly smoked out a hotel room. 

During his NBA career, Beasley was once scrutinized for posting a photo of himself with something green, fluffy, and still quite illegal. 

Beasley was most recently arrested in Scottsdale, Az for possession. Fans have to wonder when this guy is going to get his medicinal license and offer himself some kind of protection.

Beasley was once thought to be a promising young player in the NBA, but spending his first five seasons with three different teams hasn't quite been the look that was anticipated. If he's going to become some kind of weed icon, though, he has to get better at avoiding the police.