Doc Rivers Better Bring His Toolkit, The Celtics Rebuilding Process is Beginning

After the Celtics Game 6 loss to the New York Knicks Doc Rivers was uncertain he'd return as head coach. Game 6 in Boston felt like a farewell. However, according to the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn, Rivers has decided against pulling the plug on his coaching tenure and will return to the Celtics sideline next season.

There are looming questions about the Celtics summer roster transfigurations. Paul Pierce may be relocating for the first time in his career and KG may retire. Rivers is a coaching titan, but the Celtics may be rebuilding from the bottom up. Fortunately, they have Rajon Rondo , Avery Bradley and Jeff Green as their foundation. However, those three aren't enough.

Rivers was rumored in conversations to become the next Brooklyn Nets or L.A. Clippers head coaches, but he's under contract with the Celtics for three more seasons. Besides, Deron Williams is facing coach killing charges and no matter how high the Clippers trajectory is Donald Sterling still owns them.

If Rivers should coaches any other team besides the Celtics, it should be Team USA. The combination of Boston's franchise legacy, rabid fans and Rivers' reputation as a coaching tactician make the Celtics an attractive free agent destination and his job security is etched in stone.

Either Rivers wants to return just for next season with his vets in addition to a healthy Rondo/Green for one more shot at glory or he's down for the long haul and is ready for the challenge of climbing back up the NBA totem pole.

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