Doc Rivers and Boston Celtics at a Crossroads?

The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy provided a glimpse into what's going on with the Boston Celtics this offseason. Perhaps no squad is at a more compelling crossroads than the Celtics. Word is that Doc Rivers is not a lock to come back, which would mean a great deal for the Cs and a great deal for some of these other playoff teams without coaches. We'll let Murphy tell it:

Ainge has become irritated by the Doc question — whether the coach, who started this by indicating he might not come back, is returning — but the man who can end this strange, silent vigil hasn’t said a word.

Perhaps that’s because Rivers’ is anxiously split between two vigils of his own — the Ainge watch and the Kevin Garnett watch.

Beyond whatever private considerations he might be contemplating, Rivers is waiting for Ainge to make two enormous, potentially era-changing decisions.

He has to decide whether to renew Paul Pierce’s contract by June 30, and whether to bring back Garnett. The alternative is moving one or both assets to build for the future.

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