District Attorney Not Pressing Charges In Penn State Football Allegations

According to former Penn State defensive back Isaiah Humphries, Nittany Lion head coach James Franklin pushed him out of the program because he had allegedly been subjected to violent and sexual hazing by members of the team.

On Friday, Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna released a statement regarding the lawsuit filed against Penn State by Humphries.

“As you all know it’s the policy of the Centre County District Attorney’s Office not to discuss ongoing criminal investigations nor to discuss cases where criminal charges have not been filed. Nevertheless, given recent events we are issuing this statement to briefly address some questions arising from the allegations presented in Isaiah Humphries’ recent filing in federal court.

As previously reported in the press, in April 2019 our office received a report regarding serious allegations of crimes of a sexual nature involving the Lasch Building. An investigation into those allegations was undertaken. Witnesses were identified who would have knowledge or evidence and information regarding those events. Police interviewed those witnesses along with other university students and staff. These investigative reports have been reviewed by our office.

As of today’s date, that investigation does not substantiate the serious allegations made. What I mean by that is that the evidence doesn’t meet the high threshold of filing and proving criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Based on that review no charges have been filed.

These are very serious allegations. If there are individuals who have information regarding them they can contact the Centre County detective at the Centre County District Attorney’s Office. I can assure you that information will be followed up.

Other than that statement and any clarification you might need, I will have no further comment on the matter.”

Cantora followed his statement up by asking anyone with information to come forward.

In Humphries lawsuit, he named the university, Franklin, and ex-teammate Damion Barber as defendants in the case. Micah Parsons, Yetur Gross-Matos and Jesse Luketa are also named as individuals that facilitated the hazing of underclassmen.

Allegedly, upperclassmen told players they were “their b*tch because this is a prison” and told some that “I am going to Sandusky you,” and “This is Jerry.” Humphries also claims that the players would shove their penises onto his face, between his buttocks, and hump him.

In the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, the football program has kept its nose clean, but hazing overall has been a problem at the school.

According to Humphries, the coaching staff observed the harassment and hazing in the locker room and didn’t do a thing.

Penn State legend LaVar Arrington has come out and publicly backed Parsons and Luketa, and claimed that he never experienced or witnessed any football hazing during his time with the program.

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