Disney CEO Says A ‘Black Panther’ Ride Is On Deck

Disney CEO Bob Iger continues to ride the Black Panther money train right through Wakanda and into the history books. The movie has dominated the box office, pop culture, online social media and the Billboard charts. And now the impact of the movie will influence Disneys offerings of amusement park rides. 

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YES! @Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, says a ‘Black Panther’ ride is in development. https://t.co/uyunUEEfjb https://t.co/bkN701pdaU

Iger spoke with Wall Street analysts in New York to share a bit of news for those who champion #Wakanda Forever.

[Black Panther] is an important moment in culture, as fans line up for an hour in advance to meet the walkaround characters at Disneyland, Iger said during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in New York.

 When the press asked if a ride was in the works, Iger indicated that it was in development.

We havent had a chance to build a ride, he said. Though I am sure there are people who are working on it.

According to okayplayer.com, “Igers tease suggests that Disney will capitalize on the films momentum and universal acclaim, and create a ride to help push the socially relevant message about diversity that is portrayed in the film. With a Star Wars-themed resort on the way, Disney may even fast-track a Wakanda ride to provide fans such access to the Vibranium mine, Shuris lab or even the outdoor landscapes of Wakanda.

The possibilities are endless now that the movie has been immortalized and it seems the Black Panther fanbase is limitless and tireless. People of color especially want anything that is affiliated with the record breaking box office smash. 

Whats next? Black Panther toothpaste? A Wakanda clothing line specializing in ancient African tribal gear for the modern fashionista? A Wakandan airlines? Who knows, but its fun watching African history and culture being celebrated everyday. 

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