Disgusting Zimmerman/DMX Fight Faces Surge of Petitions

    Thanks to the drama with George Zimmerman and DMX planning a fight, the attention from the general public points to those that don’t want any part of the so-called “celebrity” boxing match between the aforementioned dumbasses. It’s caused a groundswell of consternation against the foolishness. 

    The problem is Zimmerman’s controversial trial over the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, when he was found innocent of manslaughter in the murder of the then 17-year-old. Since that time, he has actively sought the spotlight and perhaps considers himself as something of a celebrity.

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    The fight, which represents all that is wrong with “celebrity” capitalism in America, is set to happen sometime in March. However, a surge of petitions have popped up with the expressed goal to squash any efforts to make money off the death and racial tension that comes with thoughts of Trayvon Martin. Aimed at fight promoter Damon Feldman, some have surfaced online. Like the one began by Janet Dickerson, a Los Angeles woman who went on Change.org to start the petition aimed at putting an end to this shameful circus. The goal for that petition is 100,000 signatures and is currently (as of press time) at a little over 57,000. 

     “I’m not trying to start a personal thing with Mr. Feldman,” Dickerson said, in an interview with NewsOne.com. “This is about community building. This is about organizing people on an issue that everyone is outraged about and urging them to tweet about it. Of course he will be included in my tweets and I’m pretty sure at this point that he knows he has been put on notice. But I didn’t want to make it a person thing. I wanted to keep it where it was, which is a community issue, something that we have an obligation to speak up and out about and honor the memory of Trayvon and his family.”

    Another petition at whitehouse.gov attempts to get President Barack Obama involved in dissolving this travesty based on it being promoted off of a child’s murder and racism. As of press time, that petition currently has 13,689 signatures. Once it reaches 100,000 it will be presented to the president.

    Petitions can work. Subway just agreed to remove a lethal chemical from its breads that’s been banned in Europe because of origins in rubber and shoes. The franchise’s decision came days after receiving a petition of 68,000 signatures objecting to Subway’s use of the chemical.

    In the Zimmerman/DMX case, there are even more petitions with fewer signatures that are being set up as well. Although none have as many signings as Dickerson’s, one thing is clear: The general public does not want to see this blatant act of disrespect go any further.  

    But will petitions be enough to stop it? Time will tell.

    To speak up with your signature, click links to the anti Zimmerman/DMX fight petitions below: