Dillian Whyte’s Positive PED Results Further Diminishes The Hearn Luster

When Dillian Whyte defeated Oscar Rivas via unanimous decision on July 20th, 2019, it brought him a step closer to his goal: challenging Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder for his WBC Heavyweight title.

However, instead of planning how to get next on the list after Wilder rematches Luiz Ortiz in September, Whyte is now playing defense after a failed drug test was recently revealed.

Per reports, first made public from Boxing Scene, Whyte tested positive for banned substances which can land him an 8-year ban from boxing if confirmed.

The 31-year old, who’s only loss is to Anthony Joshua, was told of the results three days before his fight against Rivas yet he was still able to fight. Although both Whyte and his promoter, Eddie Hearn are protesting the findings, it is a stain that will be hard to blot.

The Domino Effect

Anthony Joshua was not supposed to lose.


Especially not to a relatively unknown heavyweight like Andy Ruiz, Jr. However, not only did he lose, but he was defeated mentally and physically by the rotund diminutive fighter who now bears the unofficial title of Mexican Rocky.

For the fighters, Whyte and Joshua, it is personally disappointing but for Matchroom Sports’ Managing Director, Eddie Hearn, the news is professionally embarrassing.

Hearn has made a fortune from the step-up his father Barry Hearn gave him from a variety of professional bar room games they made popular, like snooker, darts, and pool. Since taking over the reins of the elder Hearn’s British boxing empire which have included British legends from Frank Bruno to Kell Brook, Hearn expanded the empire into the States.

He famously signed Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs to plant his flag in the States and secure his future with Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade and young fighters like Tevin Farmer and Devin “The Dream” Haney.

But the crown jewel of his empire was undoubtedly his champions: Whyte and Joshua, the latter of whom he staked the growth of the debuting streaming platform DAZN which would take his star off of traditional premium cable networks.

Boxing, unfortunately, is akin to an ornate house of cards and one shift in the breeze can topple the whole deck. Hearn has mastered the art of keeping the ship intact but that was all predicated on minimal rough waters in his well laid out strategy.

Now that Joshua has a rematch which looks like a very real challenge this next go-round with Ruiz and Whyte now on his second PED failure, Hearn himself is on the ropes with his leverage diminishing fast. If Joshua loses again to Ruiz, his top prize is officially toppled and his future rests on the development of Devin Haney into a star and making the Tevin Farmer vs. Gervonta “Tank” Davis fight a reality.

With Daniel Jacobs now out of the middleweight race after losing to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Hearn’s stars are all dormant while the rest of boxing is thriving and it is a case study in the polarity of the hurt business. One day you are touted as the King of the Ring and the next, you are sent back across the pond from whence you came.

The future of Matchroom Boxing now hedges on Whyte’s ultimate punishment and Anthony Joshua’s performance against Ruiz and for Hearn those are unfavorable odds he has never faced until now.

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