Did Naomi Osaka And Cordae Break Up After They Had A Baby? Her Post Feels Like It

Tennis star and four-time majors champion Naomi Osaka and her rapper beau Cordae may have broken up only months after having a baby together. Osaka put a telling message on social media that has the world’s speculation about a breakup seemingly confirmed.

“I just want someone who will watch the sunset with me,” Osaka posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

There have been varied reports speculating why the two may be breaking up. According to MediaTakeout, one of Naomi’s friends allegedly claims that Cordae was living a party lifestyle, which was the opposite of Naomi Osaka’s introverted lifestyle as a homebody.

What Happened?

Chemistry might have also been an issue.

“Naomi and [Cordae] are really having a tough time with the relationship,” one of Naomi’s friends reportedly said to MediaTakeout in May. “I hope the baby will bring them closer together.”

However, the opposite happened, as it is being rumored that Cordae broke the relationship off.

In July, the two welcomed a baby girl named Shai into the world. It was all good just a few months ago as Cordae displayed his love for his new family while performing at Canada’s Calgary Stampede in July. The 25-year-old rapper first revealed his daughter’s name to the world during the concert.

“My daughter Shai was just born a couple days ago, so I dedicate this performance to my baby girl Shai,” Cordae said to the audience in between songs. “Love you, I’m going back home.”

Back To The Court

Osaka reportedly had the baby in Los Angeles in July, and Cordae waited to learn the gender. Although Osaka announced the sex of her baby in June, the pro tennis player had known since February.

“I’ve been preparing, but he doesn’t know the gender yet, only I know,” Osaka said to People at the time, referencing boyfriend Cordae. “So it’s not like I can build out the room or anything.”

Those were happier times, but now the two might be estranged young parents.

Naomi played her last match in September 2022 at the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. Amid motherhood and the potential loss of her relationship, Osaka said the fire is burning hot for a return to the court.

“I’ve been watching matches and I’m like, ‘I wish I was playing too,’” Osaka told CNN last month. “But I’m in this position now and I’m very grateful. I really love my daughter a lot, but I think it really fueled a fire in me.”

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