Did Money May Really Throw Down $5.9 Mil On Miami?

A Tweet from a gambler out in Vegas has set the web on fire. Rumor has it, Floyd Mayweather dropped $5.9 million on the Heat in Game 7. 

While it sounds plausible given Floyd's routine gambling and spending lavishly, this is likely not actually happening. Per The Big Lead:

“I’ve been in Vegas for 15 years and I’ve talked to every major Sportsbook during that time,” RJ Bell of Pregame.com told me. “The biggest bet anyone has told me they’ve taken is $3 million. Without proof, I’m very skeptical about this Mayweather wager.” Bell wouldn’t go on the record with the Sportsbook that took the $3 million wager, or what the event was.

“It’s very hard to get that much money down, legitimately, in Las Vegas,” Chad Millman, who hosts the popular gambling podcast, Behind the Bets, told me. “A lot of people I have spoken to don’t think this is a legit bet. The line would move considerably. That alone makes me think that it is not legit.”

The only way we'll find out is if the Heat win by more than seven, because Floyd likes to Tweet his winnings. Either way, the legend of Money Mayweather continues to grow. 

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