Dez Bryant Is Aiming For 2,000 Yards But We’re Missing The Point

After his first Pro Bowl season, Dez Bryant is really feeling himself. Anyone who saw him in college knew he was the chosen one. Despite his character concerns, Jerry Jones actively pursued Bryant. Through all of the disappointments and letdowns, Jones kept believing like Morpheus. Last season, when Bryant finally figured out the Matrix, the game started moving slower for him and he made good on Jones' investment. This season, all he sees are numbers. In an interview with ESPN Dallas, Bryant confidently put the 2,000-yard mark in his crosshairs.

The 24-year-old Bryant believes his 2012 breakout season, when he caught 92 passes for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns, was just the beginning. Bryant had 50 catches for 879 yards and 10 touchdowns in the final eight games, numbers that would be among the best in NFL history if projected over a full season, and production that Bryant believes he can build upon.

"That's still scratching the surface," Bryant said in a telephone interview with "It's only going to get better, to be honest. I still have a lot to give. I feel like nobody's seen anything. Nothing.

"I feel like it can be a lot more than that. That's just being honest. I honestly feel like [2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns] can potentially happen."

Dez Bryant may be the Cowboys' most talented playmaker, but he's a red herring. The Cowboys' problem is that they need to run the ball more. Last season, they finished 31st in rushing yards, while Tony Romo finished third in passing attempts and first in mindnumbing mistakes. The 'Boys offense needs balance, not a more heavy-handed passing attack. If anything, Cowboys fans and Jason Garrett would probably rather see DeMarco Murray approaching 2,000 yards than Bryant.

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