Devin Hester Believes He’ll Be First Return Specialist In NFL Hall of Fame

Devin Hester is more accustomed to getting both feet into the endzone more than any non-offensive star in league history. Aside from Deion Sanders, only one player has ever reached the endzone on more non-offensive returns than Hester has. In just his eighth season, Hester is one touchdown away from creeping up on creeping up on Sanders' all-time returns touchdown record. Primetime has already surrendered his title as the best return man in league history to the Bear known as "Anytime", and called him an eventual Hall of Famer.

Sanders made an equal impact in the secondary, but the Bears have failed to weaponize Hester as a receiver while only one player in NFL history has ever earned a Hall of Fame bust after spending the majority of his career on special teams. However, at this point in his career, Hester has fought through the scrum, can see the light at the end of a tunnel and is racing towards it.

Via Chicago Tribune:

"I have one foot in right now," he said. "If I take three or four back this year, it should be considered 80 percent chance of making it. But I am not really worried about it right now. I am really focused on this season. After this season, when all the stats add up, hopefully it won't be a question."