Detroit High School Senior Suffers Cardiac Arrest On Basketball Court During Game, Placed On Life Support

Cartier Woods was rushed to Henry Ford Hospital on Tuesday night after he collapsed on the basketball court at during a home game at Northwestern High School in Detroit. The family of the 18-year-old says he has never had any heart issues before.

What Happened?

Woods is a two-sport athlete who played football and basketball for Northwestern. He was doing fine and looked like his normal self in pregame. Then, minutes into the game against Henry Ford High, he went to his head coach and said he needed to come out because he was dizzy.

Detroit’s Douglass High School head coach Pierre Brooks spoke about the tragic event to the Detroit Free Press newspaper.

“I heard a big bang and I thought it might be a fight or something,” Brooks said. “I looked over and it was Cartier that fell out and Coach Tyson jumped to action. You could just tell by the care and love for the kid, he was giving him CPR and I’m praying that he actually saved that kid’s life.”

They estimated EMTs arrived on the scene within five to ten minutes after the incident and quickly transported him to a hospital. By Thursday evening Woods remained in critical condition.

Coach That Gave CPR

Northwestern head coach George Tyson is a special education teacher that works with autistic children. He has coached over 30 years and is in his fourth year at Northwestern. He previously served as an assistant coach Brooks at Douglass.

“Right now, we’re just waiting to see exactly what the status is going to be on my player, Cartier Woods,” Tyson said to reporters on Wednesday morning. “We haven’t heard any updates from last night on him. I’m actually going to go up there a little later today and see if I’m able to give him a visit or whatever.”

Damar Hamlin, the Bills safety who recently suffered cardiac arrest during a game, sent out a message on his social media that everyone should learn CPR. Hamlin is even suggesting that a social media challenge should be started. He even went as far to call out LeBron James, Michelle Obama, and Tom Brady to help get the challenge viral.


Family Support

Goode has been in Woods’ life since he was a baby and is a family friend. She was at the hospital along with his cousin and aunt.

“He’s been with me since he was a baby and I’m just not sleeping. I haven’t ate or drink nothing since yesterday and I just feel bad right now,” said Dwanda Woods, his aunt. “We all just praying and hoping he wake up.”

Woods says she has had custody of Cartier since he was a baby.
“He was very healthy — he loved basketball,” said Shantell Woods, his cousin. “He was very amenable, respectful. We’re just asking for prayer — we need it.”
A GoFundMe account has been set up for Cartier.

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