Desmond Ridder’s 40-Yard Dash Time At NFL Combine Led To The World Discovering Just How Awesomely Slow Patrick Mahomes Is

The NFL Combine went down this week and all anybody can talk about over the past 24 hours is Patrick Mahomes’ video Tweet.

The video shows him running at his NFL Combine in comparison to quarterbacks Marcus Mariota, Russell Wilson, and college QB Desmond Ridder, the talented dual-threat signal caller who helped Cincinnati become the first Group of Five school to advance to the College Football Playoff this season.

Ridder helped his draft stock by running a swift 4.49 in the 40 to lead all of this year’s quarterbacks, which inspired the NFL Network to tweet out a video comparing Ridder to some of the previous quarterbacks to run the 40.

The selection was pretty random, and unfortunately Mahomes came up miserably short in comparison to the other quarterbacks, finishing last with a time of 4.80.

Mahomes himself got a kick out of it tweeting the video and captioning it with:

“Y’all didn’t have to put me in there getting left like that”

Social media immediately started taking the Super Bowl champ and MVP to the woodshed with some lighthearted jokes about his speed.

Mahomes had some prominent legends in attendance at in what became his NFL Combine Twitter roast. Tom Brady and a few of Mahomes’ NFL brethren even checked in.

A large portion of fans were surprised that Mahomes actually ran that slow a time at his combine because the way that the agile All-Pro moves on the field and avoids pass rushers would make one think he was a bit more fleet of foot.

Others used it as proof that speed is in no way a prerequisite for being a great quarterback.

One Twitter head considered the video to be an indictment on how unnecessary it is to have passers of the football run the 40 at the NFL Combine.

Mahomes doesn’t have that many flaws in his game and, win or lose, he’s always confident. As you can see, Kansas City’s most popular person and part-owner of the Royals (MLB) doesn’t take himself too seriously and can definitely poke fun at the few things he doesn’t do as well as other quarterbacks.

His magnificence in all other areas, including winning, as he’s been to four straight AFC Championship games and two Super Bowls, more than makes up for whatever he’s lacking in breakaway speed.

Ridder can only hope that he has a career similar to the two quarterbacks who came in last place in that race. He’s shown some intangibles that translate well to the next level. His ability to uplift the talent around him is evident as he took the unheralded Bearcats to a showdown with powerhouse Alabama.

Cincinnati Bearcats Primed To Be First Group Of 5 Team To Crash The College Football Playoff

From the time he took the field in the Bearcats’ 2018 season opener against UCLA, Ridder and the Cincy program was on an upward trajectory. Ridder led the transformation from second-tier team to infiltrating the giants of the sport.

His 87 career passing touchdowns and over 10,200 career passing yards weren’t expected when the lightly recruited former two-star signal caller was given the keys to the program. During his tenure the Bearcats had a perfect record at home of 26-0.

Ridder, a projected first or second-round pick, is going to need a lot more than speed to survive in the NFL, but mobility is a great commodity and when you’re a quarterback jockeying for draft position every athletic metric counts. Even if it’s at Patrick Mahomes’ expense.

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