Derrick Rose’s Sexual Assault Case to Proceed

Fresh off the heels of the big announcement that Derrick Rose would be joining Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks in New York this season, Rose’s focus on basketball will now need to take a slight detour.

This past October, Rose was being sued for $21.5 million by a woman who has accused him of sexual assault, an allegation he had denied. As we reported at that time, the woman claims that Rose and two of his friends broke into her Los Angeles apartment in 2013 and raped her. Rose has expressed confidence in his innocence and has maintained that the sex was consensual. 

Now, nine months later, Rose’s request file in federal court to have the case against him dropped was denied, which means that a civil trial is set to begin October 4th in Los Angeles, right around the same time as the Knicks’ training camp. 

As reported by CBS Sports, “Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald of the United States District Court in the Central District of California stated the motion was denied due to “genuine dispute of the material fact” that there was consensual sex between the two parties back in August of 2013. Therefore the jury and not the court needed to resolve that dispute of the fact and the summary judgment to have it dismissed was deemed “improper.””

Definitely not the way he, the team or fans, wanted to start the season. For the full story, read here.

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