Derrick Rose Is Fined For Missing Game To See Mother 

According to Chris Walder, NBA/WWE News Editor at @theScore, New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose told reporters after practice that he missed Mondays game without informing the team, to return home to Chicago and be with his mother for an undisclosed reason.

When asked why he didnt respond to team calls, Rose replied that he needed “his space.

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@NY_KnicksPR reported an hour ago that Rose has rejoined the team and has been fined. He is expected to be in uniform tomorrow in Philadelphia.

Without any more details from Rose, the basketball world is left to speculate and try to figure out what is wrong with his mother. Of course, we hope she is not sick but with all due respect to Rose, once again, his handling of this situation wasnt the greatest.  In the real world, people can’t just abandon their obligations even during the most crucial of family times and simply walk off the job. Especially not, a face of a pro sports franchise with every resource available to him.

The fact that Rose went AWOL for an issue concerning his mom has lessened the current media backlash. Rather than going in on Rose for handling the situation irresponsibly and unprofessionally, most heads are still waiting to see what the situation with his mother actually is.

We’re all assuming it has to be pretty drastic for him to bounce and not even speak to anyone in the organization to the point of avoiding phone calls on a game night. Its very weird and Im as interested as anybody to hear what the huge emergency was.

Rose said he needed “some space. I don’t even know how to approach that response. He has an obligation to a city of people and a franchise in dire need of an inspirational leader to at least give them a quick ring. It’s basic respect.

As fans, we at least want to be tricked into believing that the team is the center of every players universe. And all of our superstars handle themselves with dignity, grace and professionalism at all times. 

In reality, we know that’s not true and Rose has previously made it quite clear that since his last injury, his attitude towards the game and the fair-weather fans has changed. His love for the game was altered. What’s important to him in life has changed and hes going to be more selfish when it comes to his personal priorities, health and long-term success.

So while folks may be miffed at Rose for going underground for a hot minute and leaving thousands of people in limbo, they shouldn’t be surprised regardless of the severity of the situation.

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