Deranged Fan Video Of The Day

There's this dude Shango. He puts on a performance that gives you all you need to know about how deep this goes. I watched this for the first time at the office with TSL deputy editor Khalid Salaam. The only times our jaws weren’t on the floor was when we were gut-laughing at the hysterics on my laptop screen.

If you want to know why the NFL felt they could force feed replacement refs down our throats, it’s because they knew that half their fans are of the Shango-variety. Super-invested, entirely capable of going absolutely coconuts when pushed.

This is must-see ish, righ here. Enjoy. Be awed. And, while we’re here, a few observations.

–  Shades.

–  The homie Shango sounds like should-be Hall of Fame receiver Chris Carter. It’s not perceptible from jump, but once he gets rolling, it comes out.

–  My man has surprising control of his saliva. With all the hysterics, he should’ve been spraying the camera like Puffy in the “Hate Me Now” video. The few times some mouth-suds got away from him, he was extra cool about it. He'd just pivot and swipe. This is a cold (might be) lunatic we're rocking with.

–  Fam gave us a “nine-months pregnant/time for C-section" pause to segue into a seething tirade against Dez.

–  The ish he took on the city of Cleveland was unexpected, unexplainable and a riot.

–  Around the 2:30 mark, he goes so ballistic that he's trying to pop his collar but ends up giving himself a nipple twister three times in-a-row.

–  You know a black man has lost all of his cool when he’s shrieking words and letting his voice crack with impunity.

–  Shout out to Khalid who caught Shango’s matter-of-fact revelation that he’s spazzed before. According to the man it was "what? 2008?"

–  At the 4-minute mark, you have to wonder if Shango is touched. His exasperated "I don't know" is something you'd expect to hear/see a feuding husband say to his wife in resignation.

–  My man's neck-sweat puddle toward the end of his performance is proof that he put in work. He got a full-blown cardio workout strictly based on screaming, vein-popping and internal anger. This was a tour de force.

– My man had to tell his viewers "I'll be OK." He said it in a hush and a huff, like he was talking to concerned strangers that just saw him get gaffled by six dudes.

– Epic sign-off. Extra-epic shades.

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